Gentle Flow Hatha Yoga Class

The practice includes Meditation, breathing techniques, postures designed
to stretch and activate muscles and organs in the body and lubrication
to the joints and spine building strength and endurance.

Gentle Yoga Class

Is a simple yet powerful meditative and breathing practice.
The practice includes breathing techniques, chair supported sitting,  standing and floor postures to enhance balance and increase flexibility.  
This practice is safe for all ages and skill levels. 

Chair Yoga Classes

The practice emphasizes stretching, co-ordination of breath and movement,
breathing and relaxation techniques, attention to alignment and is designed
to enhance balance and flexibility.

Benefits of Yoga

Relieves Tension
Lifts Your Spirits
Enhance Energy
Stretch and Strengthen
Mindful Eating
Relax Your Mind
Better Relationships

 The practice of Yoga can benefit people facing health challenges

such as ​​Arthritis, COPD, Heart Disease and Osteoporosis.

Classes Descriptions

Janet Rosoff, Yoga Teacher

Live with Intention.  Walk to the Edge.  Listen Hard. Practice wellness. 
Play with abandon.  Laugh. 
​Choose with no regret. 
Appreciate friends. 
Continue to learn. 
​Do what you love. 
​Live as if this is all there is.

Mary Anne Radmacher