Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  

Finding Peace Within Yourself

If you want quality
Gentle Yoga Lessons,
you'll love how you feel
after Janet Rosoff's sessions.

a mat to practice on with

determination to improve your life, will reduce stress,
relax your mind
 and remove  aggravating strife.

Postures designed to work
each muscle
you will find,
will cleanse the endless  
​chitter-chatter of  your mind

And breathing techniques
to reach desired tranquility,
enabling you to calm down,
tune up  and feel good,
in harmony

Yoga's gifts are accessible to all as you can see,
so don't wait, sign up, 
​for Janet's class is
​the place to be.

​A poem written by Jackie

I have known Janet for over a year taking a group class and a semi private class with her every week.  She is a very caring and gentle teacher.  She has helped me get through many problems.  I admire her very much and look forward to her classes and sweet disposition. Louise

​Your Yoga class is a great help.  You are a wonderful superb teacher for our residents, knowledgeable inspirational, precise and fun. I love the meditation and I leave your class feeling I can do anything. Evelyn

Janet Rosoff, Yoga Teacher